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Arch Downie - 20 Twenty AD Business Coach

20 Twenty AD specialises in business coaching to build the link between strategy and people to improve profit.

We benchmark your business performance to improve processes and systems. These processes and systems are linked to your own business strategy to ensure you meet your compliance requirements.

20 Twenty AD works with you to lift your employee productivity and performance to deliver workplace improvement and strengthen client engagement.

We use a tailored approach that can put your business on the path to success using a variety of techniques including:

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Staff Systems

For many small businesses in Australia it has been difficult to find a simple, easy to use and affordable database for managing their staff records.

If you employ staff wouldn't you like to have a simple system? A system that makes employing and managing your staff easier and quicker than it has been in the past?

HR Coach - Staff SystemsHere are the some of the reasons why the Staff System is the choice for your business:

Reduce your Risk. Businesses without the right documentation in place for their staff can suffer. A simple database will help you save and track signed staff documents.

Meet your Responsibilities. A large proportion of businesses struggle with paperwork and compliance. Staff System will keep your processes organised. You can even modify the documents to suit your business!

Be a Wizard. Businesses that are organised look professional and save time and money in processing staff documents. Wizards take the headache out of the paper. Calendar reminders will ensure you don't miss important dates.

Hire better. Easy to use Interview guides will help you ask the right questions to select the right people.

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DiSC Behaviour Profiling

Have you ever noticed that you relate better with some people than you do with others? Have you ever noticed that some members of your team work well together and others not so well?

Personality and ability awareness may be invaluable, whether you are recruiting, developing your key people or understanding how your team can work better.

The DiSC behavioural model can be used to help uncover some of the mysteries in your team and help you work together better.

To discover the power of this tool, click on the contact link below.

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STAR Workplace Program

STAR Workplace ProgramThe STAR Workplace Program is a combination of measurements from the employer and employees. It has been designed by the HR Coach Research Institute to bridge the gap between employer strategy and employee action.

The STAR Workplace Program allows you to create a great workplace and gain the respect you deserve for your efforts. It identifies organisations that are committed to creating a happy and productive workplace. Organisations where both the Employer and Employees have high levels of satisfaction with the workplace and there is a clear emphasis on putting plans in to action.

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Workplace Performance Coaching

Coaching is one of the most effective improvement processes for both individuals and teams. 20 Twenty AD can provide:

We can also provide a range of tools to help businesses reach their full potential such as:

To discuss these and the coaching options available to your business, contact 20 Twenty AD today.

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About Us

Arch DownieArch Downie is a Partner at 20 Twenty AD and a Licensed HR Coach.

Arch has had extensive experience in senior management roles. He was State Manager for one of Australia’s leading insurers managing their Regional Queensland operation. He has worked across four States throughout his career, gaining a depth of business knowledge and expertise.

HR Business CoachThrough his business, 20 Twenty AD, Arch uses proven methodologies in partnering with successful businesses to build the link between their strategy and their people. His tailored approach can put your business on the path to success.

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Business Name: 20 Twenty AD
Contact Name: Arch Downie
Mobile Number: 0412 682 440
Email Contact:
or send an email to enquiries at 20twentyad.com.au
Mailing Address:

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P.O. Box 1782, Carindale Qld 4152